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December 2017 Newsletter 
..........Chicken Dinner Sunday............February 2.........

January 2018

Jan 15 House Meeting at 7:00 pm
Jan 19 Pat Carmody in the Lounge at 7:00 pm
Jan 20 Dueling Pianos
Jan 26 Fish Fry / Early Bird Party
Jan 27 Admiral's Ball

February 2018

Feb 2 Friday Night Fish Fry
Feb 4 Chicken Dinner
Feb 6 Assembly Meeting at 7:00 pm
Feb 9 Friday Night Fish Fry
Feb 13 Council Meeting at 7:00 pm
Feb 16 Friday Night Fish Fry
Feb 19 House Meeting at 7:00 pm
Feb 23 Friday Night Fish
Feb 24 $100 Party

From the January Meeting

  • Geradine Niyongere Tuition Fund
    • Fund raiser on January 12 at 6:30 pm
    • We will provide sandwiches
    • Father will have a PowerPoint on Burundi
  • Trivia Night
    • 1/3 proceeds go to Geradine Niyongere Tuition Fund
    • 1/3 to Catholic Charites
    • 1/3 to Respite
  • Jan 26 is the Early Bird Party
  • Jan 26 is the start of the Fish Fries
  • Next newsletter is to out at the end of January
  • Jan 17 is the Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Naivety set is in storage until next year
  • Machkinaw Island needs to be discussed before March
  • Pete Schwab is stepping down as Treasurer
  • March Trivia Night
    • Walls of Warmth
    • Pregnancy Resource Center
    • Seminarians ($500)
    • St Paul 8th grade trip
  • April 29 Breakfast at Hall after Corp Communion at the 9:30 Mass at St Joseph
  • Show case in Hall to be updated with "Respect Life" theme
  • Purchased an ad in the Right to Life Conference booklet

  • December Newsletter

    Newsletter is online

    Next newsletter is the end of January, get your articles to Gary Bendall

    Council Meeting Time Change

    Starting January 9, 2018 the council meetings will start at

    7:00 pm

    The Assembly, The Council and The House Committee meetings all start at 7:00pm

    Project Update

    The Columbian and House Committees worked together to update the ladies restroom in Waldie Hall. Another stall was added, new tile on the floor and walls was a major improvement and a new vanity and an additional mirror and prep area were added to the room. This project was paid for with funds from both committees. A number of members were involved in installation of products used and the updating of needs like changes with the electricity. We have received many compliments on the changes made! The floor in the Waldie Hall has been rejuvenated. Our terrazzo floor is really shining again. A representative from Lansing Sanitary Supply came in and assisted with a new and improved product. All carpet areas in the lounge and Flynn Room have been cleaned. This too is a project done once or twice per year. This is another project that our members volunteer to work at. At the end of summer Bob Edwards coordinated the efforts of a group of the chicken dinner workers to clean all the stainless steel e equipment in our kitchen. Ron Riley brought in his steam cleaner that was greatly appreciated. Lots of workers got our equipment to be a lot cleaner and look really good again.

    Debit/Credit Cards

    We have added the ability to accept debit or credit cards for charges for products purchased at our building. This service became available beginning on October 1, 2017. We are charged a fee for each transaction taking place on our machine. Therefore, we will charge one dollar for each transaction done with our bars in the building. We have received a number of requests to install this type of machine. We discussed the use of this machine with many of our members and appreciated their suggestions regarding the type of uses and the charges that are acceptable when using our debit or credit cards.

    Save the Date

    Our annual $100 party will be held on Saturday, February 24th, 2018. We sell 250 tickets at a cost of $100 each. The ticket allows two people to enter the party and includes your drinks and food during the evening. We have a band and disc jockey for the evening. We draw ticket stubs from the $100 tickets for prizes of money.
    Please save Saturday, February 24th for an enjoyable evening with friends and family!

    Help Needed

    We are looking for a few members who are willing to work as security personnel for weddings and other events held at our building. We try to rotate the members willing to help out every now and then during the year. The main responsibilities deal with making sure minors are not drinking, not allowing people to bring their own alcohol into the event and assisting the bartenders as needed. This is a paid position. Contact John Smith


    Just a reminder, we are still selling ice in EIGHT POUND BAGS for $1.50 per bag. We only sell during regular bar hours. The bartender will make sure you can get to the freezer to get the number of bags you purchase.