Council 1139 & Assembly 511

Aug 1 Assembly Meeting @ 7:00 pm
Aug  8 Council Meeting @ 7:00 pm
Aug 25 Council Exemplification
Sept 5 Assembly Meeting @ 7:00 pm
Sept  10 Parish Picnic
Sept  12 Council Meeting @ 7:00 pm
Sept  14 Suds and Substance
Oct 1 Chicken Dinner
Oct 3 Assembly Meeting @ 7:00 pm
Oct 10 Council Meeting @7:00 pm
Oct 12 Suds and Substance

Suds & Substance

New St. Paul’s Parish

Sponsored Speaker Series 

You may be familiar with our Lenten Soup and Substance held at the parish. We would like to invite you to Suds and Substance!  This is a speaker series set in a more relaxing atmosphere!  Enjoy some food, a beverage of your choice, lively conversation, and interesting speakers!  Everyone is invited to attend!

Suds and Substance will be held on these Thursday evenings from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at the Knights of Columbus:

September 14                    October 12                       November 19

Speakers will be announced at a later date.

Ice for sale
Just a reminder, we are still selling ice in EIGHT POUND BAGS for $1.50 per bag. We only sell during regular bar hours. The bartender will make sure you can get to the freezer to get the number of bags you purchase.

Red Cross Blood Drives
Memorial Healthcare is allowing Shiawassee County to use their auditorium for 6 months while some renovations are occurring at the Courthouse building. As a result, Red Cross needed an alternative location for Blood Drives scheduled on 4/5, 6/7, 8/9 and 10/4. We’ll allow  the use of our hall and they will use their own manpower and volunteers for these dates.

_____________________________________________We Pride ourselves in being a Catholic men’s organization that  is involved  in Church Functions, Civil Activities and Works of Goodwill, here and in the Greater Owosso area. Our presence is noted in Honor-guard ceremonies,  Civic support functions, as well as a  Visible & Viable presence for the Catholic Church.    A Brotherhood of like believers that worship in kind, we stand firmly in support of our Clergy and our Faith..  While we are Ready to Assist any we can, we Know that our fellow Brothers in Christ can be Counted on for any help we may need.   This source of Confidence Strengthens our individual Efforts and lends itself to the Greater Good..